Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Yellowknife: Week One-and-a-Bit

Our first week-and-a-bit in Yellowknife has been full of adventure and discovery.

Lawful has discovered a love for climbing rocks, reading Jeff Smith's beautiful and quirky graphic novel series, Bone, and for climbing rocks. And also for climbing rocks.
Exploration #1
Bone #3
On The Run
 Waaaay Up There!!!

Waffle and Felafel have experienced many new things such as the joy of banging on the keys of a toy piano, the thrill of sucking spaghetti noodles up in to one's mouth, the taste of olive bread and of fresh fish... and of rocks, and the wonders of the toy box here in our new home-for-now.

Felafel + Noodle = ?
Waffle outside TJ's explaining that it is, in fact, perfectly acceptable to consume rocks.
T O Y S ! ! ! !
We've explored Old Town where the houses are either shacks, modernist architectural feats, or postmodern combinations of the two. We've eaten mouth-watering fish and chips from a fantastic food cart downtown and from the infamous Bullock's Bistro as well as home-cooked muskox burgers, bison sausages and buffalo steaks. We've gone on long walks to see what there is to see and shared a memorable morning having brunch and hanging out with new friends.
Our table at Bullock's
Maw-full has welcomed some brand new little humans in to the world and is gaining lots of valueable experience while Paw-full has enjoyed the chance to spend days with little ones, marvelling at what the world looks like through their eyes.
...Oh yes, and we've finally moved from the locum apartment we were staying in for the first 7 days to the home we'll be living in for the remainder of our time in Yellowknife. It feels very much like home. The walls are painted funky shades of blue, the kitchen is well-equipped, there are musical instruments all around us, and there's lots of wood and rugs and books and comfortably mismatched clutter.

Today we made the decision to leave our new home-for-now for the next week and head back south to Fort Smith where Maw-full will spend time with a group of midwives running a unique remote practice. So tomorrow morning we pack up and get back on the road!

We'll report on our journey soon.


  1. my, how those baby heads do shine.

  2. Great photos! Bone books are a HUGE hit in the kids' elementary school...they never make it back to the shelf because as soon as they go in the inbox, someone snatches them right up!