Monday, 9 May 2011


We are, in fact, spending the night in Marathon, Ontario, but it's not a bad description for our day, either.  We had planned to go as far as Wawa today, about 525 km from Sudbury, but when we got there around dinner time things were going so well (yes, I did write "so well", am I inviting the gods to rain hellfire down on us now?) we decided to drive another couple of hours to Marathon to get a head start on another long day tomorrow.

At the Big Nickel, Sudbury
We stopped just long enough in Wawa to eat dinner at a restaurant where we were the sole diners and so the twin talk with the staff was a bit overwhelming, and to learn that "Wawa needs a new goose".  

The hastily-taken photo below (captured on the way out of town while Paw-full and babies waited in the car) may offer a clue as to why:

See?  It's not nearly as big as they let on!

Kilometres driven: 737.4

Gas purchased: $148.00 (Total so far is $224.15)

Green to Gone and other indescribably beautiful songs by Snowblink
Famous Five Go Camping
The first 13 Chapters of the Inkheart audiobook read by Lynn Redgrave (who is aMAYYYzing)
Rage Against the Machine
More random Lawful Playlist tunes by Joni Mitchell, Midnight Oil, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen

Next up:  A post by Lawful Awefull, and Travel Tips with Tots (alternate title: What We Ludicrously Presume Will Work for the Whole Trip, Given That it Worked Today).


  1. Just thing morning Mr Wrath & I were trying to remember if Wawa was the town w/ the big ass goose. And now we know. Thanks. I owe you. Happy trails!

  2. Joni Mitchell, Midnight Oil, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen

    That is quite the compilation hahaha