Sunday, 8 May 2011


It’s Mother’s Day, and kind of a fitting day to begin the adventure that will take our family of 5 from Toronto to Yellowknife, from there to northern British Columbia, and then as far east as we can get before we drown.  Or, you know, run screaming in five different directions (admittedly, the two infants would probably move fairly slowly, but they’d make up for it with the volume of their screams).

So, some introductions are necessary:

Since it’s mother’s day, let’s start with Maw-full.  33 year-old midwifery student and mother to the three Awefull children.  This adventure began with her decision to spend a month in Yellowknife as part of a practical placement for school.

Then there’s Paw-full.  Also 33, he’s a musician who just quit his 9-to-5 job to begin a Master’s degree in English this fall once the grand adventure has brought us all back home to Toronto.

Lawful Awefull is the precocious six year-old girl who is responsible for our web identities, including her baby sister and brother’s pseudonyms.  She’ll be writing her own posts and keeping a nature journal to share with you along the way.

Waffle Awefull is just shy of a year and sometimes she is just shy.  She enjoys her own brand of crawling affectionately referred to as “froggy-style” and chewing on things.

Waffle’s twin brother, Felafel, is as outgoing as his big sister, and as mercurial.  He loves water, and is looking forward to swimming in many stops along the way.

We vacated our home in Toronto a week ago and are leaving Guelph this afternoon for Sudbury.  We’ll be keeping a log of kilometres driven, sights seen and gas bought as well as musing on this great and complicated country of ours.  Stop by and visit us from time to time.

With love,

The Awefull Family


  1. Did you ever see Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade? There's a scene where Indiana's father calls him Junior. Indie says he prefers his nickname, and his father says, "We named the dog Indiana." I thought of this when I read your son's blog-alias. Hehehe. Even better our Falafel-dog, goes by the nickname Waffle. I soooooo approve of these nicknames.

    Happy trails -- drop by if you need a pit stop on Highway 97!

  2. Nan, I thought of you when Toria came up with Felafel's name, though I didn't know of his nickname! I'm glad you approve. You are the authority on all things namey.

    We'd love to visit! I'll keep you posted on that part of our plans. If so, it would be end of June.

  3. Love the post thank you for the introduction, it would be intresting as well to see the cost of gas as you go through. I would love to know how much it would cost for gas the whole trip, and the diffrence in price as you go along.
    I was explaining to your daughter the other day about gas and that it is only $1 but that it is $1 a L and there are 30+L to fill.

  4. Yay! I was a little bummed I couldn't comment on Tumblr.

  5. Lawfull I think you are right about the name...the Ojibwe word is Wewe, and that sounds like goose noise to me too!