Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 1


444 km from Guelph to Sudbury

Listened to:
Don't Carry It All by the Decemberists
Beezus and Ramona Audiobook read by Stockard Channing
A few random gems from the Lawful Playlist

Here we are, about to set out!

From left to right:  Paw-ful, Waffle, Lawful, Felafel and Maw-ful Awefull.


  1. Not a bad first day... Post any helpful suggestions about dealing with car travel and tots. Tree and I may have to do this next year for a vacation in PEI, if my mother so deems it. Two days to get out of Ont?

  2. I wonder what Lawful's musical gems were. I am guessing hair metal, because the mental picture that conjures up is both hilarious and awesome.

    I look forward to following your odyssey Awefull's!

  3. @ Andrew: Stevie Wonder, Gogol Bordello, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Anthony Braxton (yes, this is actually her list), Foo Fighters...

  4. That is an awefully good looking bunch. ;)

  5. I am enjoying the updates!