Tuesday, 10 May 2011

giant goose

i thik wawa got its name from wot the goose says, kas a goose says wawa dosint it? wel lawfull awefull thingks so.

we lookt it up and it cums from the Ojibwe word for Canada goose.

lawfull awefull.

Maw-full's post-script: Do you know this rock? This is a photo of the rock that Lawful and Paw-full were sitting on in Sudbury. We may have to call in Lawful's Grandpa as a consultant.

*Edited to add:

...from Lawful'd Grandpa, the official Awefull Family Mineralogical Consultant:

"It's a little difficult to be sure from a photo, but the rock above looks like a volcanic rock, perhaps basalt. The rock with the red streaks looks like it could be iron formation. If there is lots of silica in it, the red parts might be called jasper."

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  1. (retyped for jet and zaylie, who each lost a message here) We saw a Canada Goose baby, swans, the Humber river, red winged black birds, and the difference between the water in the Humber River and the water of Lake Ontario. The Humber river water was brown, and Lake Ontario was blue. We a marathon at the lake today!

    Love from Jet and Zaylie and Patti, while Tayo sleeps