Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy Birthday!

What we failed to mention in our last post is that our travel day just happened to be the first of June, or, as it is known to the Awefull family: Waffle and Felafel’s birthday.

Our trip from Fort Smith to Yellowknife was much the same as our trip from Yellowknife to Fort Smith. Only backwards. Other than direction, though, the main differences were that this time we stopped to take pictures of the strange line of stuffed friends who played audience to our passing where last time we just shared confused glances and drove on, and that this time we stopped for a celebratory birthday lunch at The Boardroom (for Goodtimes) where last time we stopped at an equally strange but entirely different chinese restraunt in the same town.

The sign says it all, really.
Lunch Music: straws and table top
'Hap-py Birth-day to me...'

Though our plan was to hold a proper party for our now one-year-olds the following weekend, we arrived early enough to stop for some awful (rather than awefull) cake from the grocery store on our way past which allowed us to have a birthday party on the actual anniversary of their arrival...

Cake Fight!! well as a Birthday Party a few days later in the company of some new-found friends. And more cake (this time properly Awefull).

Waffle sporting a smash-cake goatee
Felafel enjoying his cake head first

*     *     *
Our first year as a family of five has been many things, but above all it has truly been one of awe. Awe at meer fact that there are two babies (!!!), awe at the amazing relationship that has developed between Felafel, Waffle, and their fabulous big sister, awe at how extraordinarily lucky we are. Thank you, little ones, for joining us on our adventure.


  1. Happy birthdays all around!

    We saw and discussed the photos you took of the stuffed animal receiving line when you posted them on Facebook. I did actually wonder if they were yours and then marvelled that your car had Tardis-like storage capabilities.

  2. Happy birthday to them!!

  3. Happy Birthdays! Caught up with you from Nan, I am in AWE of your adventure.

  4. And can I say how adorable their bald little heads are...reminds me of my eldest at the same age. So cute.